Blog Tour Kick-Off: Taking the Fall by Kally Ash

Welcome to our first blog tour! Magic Pen Book Tours is organizing a blog tour for an adult contemporary romance – Taking the Fall (Vipers MC #1) by Kally Ash. It’s the first book in the Vipers MC series, but can be read as a standalone. This tour will run from October 5th to October 16th. Check out the book and author details, tour schedule and enter international GIVEAWAY via Rafflecopter link bellow.

Book Details

Title: Taking the Fall
Series: Vipers MC #1
Author: Kally Ash
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Romantic Suspense / MC Romance, Ex-Con Romance, Steamy Romance
Release date:
August 4, 2020
Vixen Publishing
Cover Design:
Sly Fox Cover Designs


Sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit…

Nick Sobolev is finally a free man. After wrongfully serving five years behind bars, all Nick wants to do is keep his head down and his nose clean. But when he meets the mysterious and very beautiful Alexis Cross, he finds himself being drawn back into the life that landed him in prison in the first place.

Hiding dangerous secrets and lies…

Alexis Cross is trying hard to escape her father and his influence, but in a city like Detroit, there’s no way to avoid either. When her past violently collides with her present, it shatters her long-held belief that she’s finally gaining her independence, plunging her into a dangerous game with equally deadly consequences.



“Alex, you didn’t tell me you were bringing someone with you,” she said, clearly fishing for information. 

“Yeah, Shelby, it was a last-minute thing.” Alex cleared her throat. “Shelby, this is Nick. Nick, meet Shelby Price.” 

I held out my hand to Shelby, but she bypassed the more common and socially acceptable greeting for acquaintances and went in for a hug. I gritted my teeth when I felt her running her hands over my shoulders and down my back, getting precariously close to my ass.  

I stepped away, a tight smile on my face. “Nice to meet you, Shelby. Hey, Alex?” I drew her closer, leaning in to kiss her on the side of the neck. I inhaled as I did, drawing in the faint smell of grease, engine oil, and something floral. Perfume maybe? She tasted of sweat, but the combination of her scent and her taste was heady. I pulled away when she stiffened. I’d lingered too long, but I hoped she understood what I was doing. “I’ll meet you outside, baby.” 

Her brows lifted in silent question, but then a spark lit her eyes, a lazy grin forming on her mouth. “Sure thing, Pandaboo.” 

I was stunned for a moment. She wasn’t just playing along; she’d picked up the script and began re-writing it. Before I broke out into a fit of laughter, I excused myself from the room. I only had to wait a few minutes before she was beside me, her bag slung over her shoulder, both mats sticking out. 

“What was that about?” she asked, her face still a little flushed. I hoped it was from the kiss and not the exercise we’d just done.  

“Shelby was getting a little…what’s the word…grabby? Yeah, grabby just about sums it up. I didn’t want her getting the wrong idea.” 

“And us being a couple is the right idea?” she shot back. 

I gave her my best good-old-boy grin. “It’s a better idea than I’m a slab of meat looking for someone to rub up on.” 

She studied me for a moment before shaking her head. 

“What?” I asked, gesturing for her bag. Slowly, she passed the thing over to me. I slung it over my shoulder and started walking back in the direction of her apartment. 

She fell into step beside me. “You’re just a decent guy, you know that?” 

“You make me sound like a unicorn.” 

“A unicorn?” 

I glanced at her, smiling a little at the look of consternation on her face. “Yeah, like I’m some sort of mythical creature.”  “Believe me, finding a decent man anywhere is quite a feat.” 

Kally Ash is a contemporary romance author whose passions include curling up with a good book, devouring chocolate and getting kitty cuddles. Tempt Me is her debut novel, and the first book in a three book series.

Some of her unicorn authors include Sawyer Bennett, Elizabeth Hayley and Haley Jenner.

Become part of Kally’s ARC team by joining her Facebook ARC Group here.



GIVEAWAY (INTERNATIONAL) with 6 winners – 1 paperback copy and 5 ebook copies of Taking the Fall by Kally Ash (ends October 23rd) > enter HERE

Tour Schedule

October 5
Abstract Books – Excerpt
Daily Dose of BooksPart one: Playlist + Part two: Review

October 6
Journey in Bookland – Review + Excerpt
luxs_heavenlyreads – Promo

October 7
My Fiction Nook – Excerpt

October 8
Harley Wylde Author – Excerpt

October 9
Romance Book Lovers’ Haven – Review

October 12
Books+Coffee=Happiness – Excerpt
Ellena_lovereadblog_ – Review 

October 13
Celticlady’s Reviews – Excerpt

October 14
Shelleen’s Musings – Review
Archaeolibrarian – I Dig Good Books! – Review

October 15
Valerie Ullmer | Romance Author – Excerpt

October 16
Paige Warren Author – Excerpt
Recommended Romantic Reads – Review + Excerpt

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to enter giveaway and visit other tour stops!

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