Book Blitz Sign Up: UpSpark by Nicole Wells

Hi everyone, I’m very excited to announce that Magic Pen Book Tours is organizing a book blitz with review option for an upper young adult (15+) inspirational romance with fantasy elements – UpSpark (Five Elements #1) by Nicole Wells. This novel can be read as a standalone. This blitz will take place on November 23-27, 2020. If you chose to take part in the review opportunity, then the review is due by the beginning of January. So if you would like to participate in this blitz and have a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card for $15, then please sign up bellow by filling out the form.

Title: UpSpark
Series: Five Elements #1
Author: Nicole Wells
Genre: Upper Young Adult (15+), Inspirational Romance, Speculative Fiction, Magical Realism
Published: July 25, 2020
Publisher: Indie published
Trigger Warning: Suicide


Can they find themselves and each other before time runs out?

Enya’s dreams of making a difference in the world are devastated the summer after high school, when she finds out she has a fatal disease.

A cross country road trip to Native American reservations helps her find meaning. But Jacob, her best friend and traveling companion, has longed for them to become something more.

Their expedition is just the start of an amazing love and spiritual journey, but a one-in-a-million phenomena changes everything.

“I get the feeling like I’m reading Fault In Our Stars Part 2.”

As a stand-alone or the start of a gripping new series, get ready for a spiritual love story unlike any other.

Nicole Wells. In the ethos where herds of story ideas run wild and free, I am known as the Devourer of Books.  A voracious predator, I —

Okay.  I’m a mom of three young children.  And I spend way too much time in the fantasy world in my head.  But, hey, in this world I’m still supernatural.  I channel the powers of my insomnia for good.  I’m impervious to kid whining and insults (well, mostly).  I have a second sense for cereal disasters and broken toy catastrophes.  They call me Mom, which is code for You’re-Awesome-We-Love-You or Stop-Writing-On-Your-Computer-and-Play-With-Me.  I’m not sure which.  My kryptonite is my pet peeves:  water running down my elbows, food stains on papers, and losing the little plastic tethers when you remove the tags off new clothes.

So, yeah, that’s me.  Your average superhero mom.  Oh, and I’ve got three eyes (one in the back of my head).

UpSpark is my debut novel, Book One of the Five Elements Series.


The Book Blitz with review option for UpSpark by Nicole Wells will take place on November 23-27, 2020. We are looking for bloggers, or readers with active Instagram or Facebook accounts who love to promote books on their social media platforms. Participate in this blitz and get a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card for $15. There will be another blitz wide giveaway, also an excerpt and teasers will be available for your post, and there are also review copies available in ebook format (review due by the beginning of January). An email with the posting information (including blitz wide giveaway, excerpt, teasers, ready-made text and images for social media and HTML doc for blog post) will be sent to all participants on November 12th. However, sign-up will be closed on November 19, 2020.

Thank you for signing up!

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