Book Tour Sign-Up: DROPLETS OF MAGIC by Emily Bybee

Hi everyone, I’m very excited to announce that Magic Pen Book Tours is organizing a book tour for a young adult sweet paranormal romance – Droplets of Magic (Unstable Magic #4) by Emily Bybee. Droplets of Magic is the forth book in the Unstable Magic series but it can be read as a standalone story of first love, a fight of Good vs Evil and where the witch world tossed Kira away like trash, but now they want her back. And they’ll do anything to get her. This tour is scheduled for September 19-23, 2022. Check out book details and if you would like to participate in this book tour, please sign up bellow and fill out the form. All hosts who participate in this tour will be entered in an Amazon gift card giveaway.


Title: Droplets of Magic

Series: Unstable Magic #4

Author: Emily Bybee

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance / Good vs Evil

Release date: May 5, 2022

Publisher: Indie published via Hayden and Harrow Publishing

Pages: 320


Kira’s spells always end the same—rain and violent storms. She’s what’s called a Defect, and that means one of two things in the witch world—losing your magic or death. After faking her demise, Kira is in hiding. She risks exposure and travels the world, making the Defective magic that would get her killed into a gift by bringing rains to places that most need water.

The witch world has changed in the ten years Kira’s been gone. Kira doesn’t know that she has a much bigger part to play against an ancient danger that threatens the entire world. But the witches want her for their own greedy plans. Her only chance to escape the witch council is to hide in areas where her storms go unnoticed. After one last stop in Africa, she plans to disappear again.

But Kira’s past catches up with her and a decade old blood debt comes due. As if being prey to the witch world isn’t enough, her family’s history with the Russian Mafia causes an enemy who was once her childhood friend to hunt her down. She and her only ally Alex—a naïve American—team up to escape the underworld warlord. As Kira’s feelings for Alex grow, she fears he will be caught in the crossfire. To settle this debt, someone will have to die.


About the Author

Naomi Kelly is an indie YA Fantasy author living in Dublin, Ireland. Her descriptive writing style and love for all things magic and mythology make reading her stories the perfect escape from modern-day life.
She began her writing journey in Sept. 2019 when she released her first book, ‘Trial by Obsidian’.
Her duology series of “Meraki: A Syren Story” and the sequel “Kairos: A Syren Story” follow sassy syren Wren, the sassy syren who has just swum away from home only to find herself at the mercy of the young warlord.



Book tour for Droplets of Magic by Emily Bybee is scheduled for September 19-23, 2022. Book tour posts must be up by 11AM (EDT), please take this into consideration when choosing the date for your post. The type of posts that this tour offers are: review, excerpt, interview with the author and creative stops (mood board, top 5 list, book look, book fashion, playlist, etc. created by blogger/bookstagrammer). Review copies will be available in ebook formats, there will be a tour-wide giveaway provided by the author as well. Ready-made promo text and images for social media and HTML doc for blog posts including excerpt and promo information will be provided and sent to participants 5-8 days before the beginning of the tour. However, you can also be creative and create your own images and blog post using the media kit provided for each event. All hosts who participate in this tour will be entered in an Amazon gift card giveaway.

Signing up will not guarantee you a spot on the book tour. Selected bloggers/bookstagrammers will be notified by email in the middle of August with the tour schedule and a review copy.

Thank you for signing up!

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