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Magic Pen Book Tours is here to help you spread the word about your books by organizing virtual book tours, book blitzes, teaser reveals, cover reveals, excerpt reveals, chapter reveals, trailer reveals, pre-order blasts, review opportunities and other virtual events that you may need to create a buzz around your books. At the moment we offer our services for free in exchange for your testimonial about our provided service after the event.

We will consider working on books of most genres except non-fiction, manga, comics and erotica.

Feel free to reach out to request an event with Magic Pen Book Tours by contacting Inga at magicpenbooktours@gmail.com. However, we reserve the right to accept or decline any requests that we consider a poor fit for us.


Magic Pen Book Tours is here to work together with bloggers in spreading a love of books to other readers. We offer bloggers an opportunity to take part in hosting virtual events organized by us for books in different genres. You will get an extra content for your blog, learn about new book releases, take part in possible giveaways, and even get a chance to read and review free advanced reader copy (ARC) of books that catch your interest.

About Me

My name is Inga. I’m a book lover, avid reader and book blogger at Journey in Bookland and now also the creator of Magic Pen Book Tours.

I have education in Business Administration, which includes business management, marketing and finances (I also have a degree in preschool and primary school education). I’m one of those people who like to study, I guess that’s just part of being a book-worm 😉

Obviously, I love books.  I have enjoyed taking part in book blitzes, cover reveals and blog tours as a book blogger. And I wanted to use my education for something that I’m very passionate about, hence, I decided to create Magic Pen Book Tours to share my love of books with book community by helping authors to organize virtual events for their books and also to bring exposure to different authors (no matter, whether they are just starting their author’s journey or they are already well-known and established in their field of work), to new stories, and to the amazing world of books. I am here to help your book to receive the love it deserves!

I enjoy reading YA fantasy, NA paranormal and contemporary romances, and adult dark romances, romantic comedies and romantic suspense the most. Aside from books, I love watching movies and TV-series, especially fantasy and sci-fi. I have two wonderful cats, Malla and Kiki, whom I love to pieces. I also enjoy playing computer games (Civilization VI is my favourite one) and at times when inspiration strikes I tend to write poetry.

P.S. Magic Pen Book Tours is closed on weekends.

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